April 24 2014, 10:15 PM

red moon || tom / isaac



Dunno.  Last time we had a lunar eclipse around here, it didn’t end so well.

Eh? What happened?

April 24 2014, 10:15 PM

door’s always open || giles / tom


Another pair of helping hands is almost always welcome, yes.  [ Giles studied the young man for a moment, taking in the slightly awkward posture, offering a smile as he took the papers. ]  Rupert Giles.  [ He offered a hand out towards the young man. 


[Tom shook it happily.] Tom, Tom McNair. Very pleased to meet ya. I’m sorry if it ain’t up to par, the papers, I mean, [he added hastily.] Worked plenty ‘o jobs before — all me life, really — but back in Barry they never seemed to ask for no paper work. Dunno why. [He shrugged modestly, smile still in place; Mr. Giles were the first to not snicker at him, after all.]

April 24 2014, 10:15 PM


[Shrugs] It’s easy to miss.


It’s not a problem. You’re locking a monster in a cage - whatever will make the transition easier. I can’t guarantee that I would be much help if your wolf veers away from your little trick but I do know a few things. 

Cool. It ain’t never veered before, and me dad and I used to go ‘round the same forest. Got a bit rough once, but that were my mistake; didn’t read our maps right, our chicken paths crossed, but we was fine. Dad said it were probably ‘cos we recognized each other, dunno. Though… ‘course,  you is the first werewolf that ain’t the same as me that I met, so I dunno if that’d make a difference or not. 

April 24 2014, 10:15 PM

festivities || jenna / tom


Don’t worry, I’m not going to burst into flames or anything from the thought of the meaning of the holiday or anything.  Least I hope not.  That’ll complicate Christmas to no end.


And yeah.  So far as I know, there’s no way to not… y’know…. But, that’s all right.  It’s getting… easier, a little.  And busy is, what, good? 

Heh. Yeah guess it would. And ya don’t want that, soot and ash for the chimney, only!

Easier, eh? Didn’t know that could happen. S’pose that’s just for your lot, then… Busy’s alright, I guess. Cleanin’ up me friend’s messes and sleepin’ in a dank cell while he detoxes, is all. Don’t think it ever gets easy, not for his… err… type.

April 24 2014, 12:03 PM


Being Human Meme:  Two OTPs → Tom/Allison [1/2]

"If we lived on the moon, do you think we could be werewolves all the time?"

April 23 2014, 04:22 PM
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"I love her"


"I love her."

"Well maybe we both love her. And that makes us a pack"

-Series 3 Episode 4

April 22 2014, 11:28 PM

grass is greener || penny / tom


The heat the lanced across his cheeks was surprising to her and yet somehow, it wasn’t. There was something about him — childish, in a way that didn’t seem to be trying or diminishing, rather just, a natural, innocent part of him that made her heart ache with a loss that she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) dwell on. It made her smile, already wrapped in a warm haze of comfort and bliss from the chemical and herbal components that wound their way through her system. Her head remained half leaning against his shoulder, as he spoke, though even through the slight dulling haze of the effects of the magically enhanced pharmaceutical high, she could sense the hesitancy.

The inward struggle. Her gaze turned up, watching him as his expression twisted, turning into a half frown, half panicked expression beneath the gentle giant facade, until at least the words escaped from him through what she guessed was something close to sheer force of will. ‘Sometimes I’m a wolf,’ he uttered. Wolf. Sometimes. “Werewolf,” she half whispered, an expression of rapt attention dancing over her features as she watched him, an excited glimmer creeping into her already brightly lit gaze. “Oh, Thomas,” she said, her lips creeping into a swift smile, and a very quiet laugh escaping. “But of course you are,” she said, her gaze wandering over him and the shifts and shimmers that surrounded him, before her cheek settled back against his shoulder and her gaze drifted towards the rabbits in front of them. “Wonderful,” she mused, lowly, and half to herself, as she watched the creatures scurry and pause, and dart across the clearing.


Wonderful. Wonderful, she’d said. And her laugh, she weren’t laughin’ at him, she just — realized it. 

Tom couldn’t help but smile, feelin’ comfortable and quite free. He’d said it out loud to a near stranger, and she hadn’t run away from him. Tom was relieved. He hated that… that feelin’ that Cutler had forced on him: trappin’ him in a building full of innocents, lyin’… made him feel like a monster for the first time in his life, endangering all those people. He’d been scared of himself. But Penny didn’t react like that; she’d smiled and said, wonderful.

"Yeah," he agreed, because he respected the wolf, and were grateful for it, even if that was the bit of him that made him dark. "It is." And then he were silent, watchin’ the animals twittle about, sniffin’ the air and rubbin’ their paws together, munchin’ on clover. They were so clever.  Tom watched as two young ‘uns wrestled playfully before rollin into a den… but he found himself watchin’ Penny too, every other moment or so. Indescribable, she were.

April 22 2014, 11:13 PM

sticks and stones || tom / penny


Penny’s slight form eased its way up into something closer to a seated position against the armrest of the couch as Tom made his way inside. She cast him a smile, though something of a wan one, pulling the sleeves of her overshirt down and scraping a hand through her slightly tousled hair. She had spent the last couple of days trying to remember if this was how it had felt to actually be before the magic, and for the life of her, she had not been able to figure it out.

She saw his gaze slide around the apartment, a half furrow of her brow beginning before she smoothed it away. The place was not perfect, which to those that knew her better might take it as a sign that she was doing too poorly to cast the spells to tend to the minor details of the housework, but perhaps he simpy had not become familiar enough with her routines to recognize that symptom. “Hello, Thomas,” she spoke, her smile lingering, one hand raised to brush her thumb against his cheek and scruff-covered jawline. “Is everything all right — with… everything?” She asked, avoiding his own question for the moment.

"You look… worried," Penny reflected, her fingertips curling in, allowing her only slightly colder than normal hand to rest against his jaw as he knelt next to her. "Surely," she chided, with a wisp of a smile again. "Surely, it is not me." She cast a look down towards herself and then back towards him. "I do not look, so bad as for this worry, da?"

"You look beautiful," Tom replied honestly, with a small smile even as he noted the slight chill of her fingertips. He reached up and took her hand in both of his, hoping to warm it a bit. "Just — the wolf is stronger, now, meanin’ everythin’s sharp and me instinct’s stronger." He paused, not sure how to word it, but then gave a small shrug. "You just seem a bit tired, Penny. Came over ‘cos I hadn’t heard from ya." Tom pressed his lips together, hoping if somethin’ were wrong, she knew she could tell him. He were here for her, no matter what. 

Tom straightened a bit, and sat beside her, hesitatin’ only for a second before he put his arm around her. “You’re a bit cold,” he pointed out too, at the same time looking around the room for a throw or a blankie. Not that the place was messy; just seemed lived in, which was only strange ‘cos that last times he were here, it were spotless. Annie would’ve been quite jealous, he reckoned. Penny had the best kind of help for cleanin’ after all: completely hands free. “Can I get you anythin?” he asked, voice a bit quiet, hopin’ to not be a bother and just do what he could.

April 22 2014, 11:11 PM

moonlight || penny & tom


It had not been exactly unexpected, the events of the night before — and it was hardly unfamiliar territory to the young witch and yet there was something about it that she could not define that had made it feel … unpredictable, and surprising, and… different. It didn’t make sense to her, truthfully. She was rather admittedly in the habit of satisfying her baser needs with whomever it was that kept her interest, and she had let her thoughts wander more than once to wonder what it would be like to lure Thomas to her side.

Perhaps though, she thought in that moment, that the distinction was that there had been no immediate or intentional… luring. Certainly, there had been mutual attraction, but when she had asked him to stay with her until she fell asleep, she had had very little in the way of wily intentions. Rather, just… a desire for comfort, for the quiet sense of security that his presence evoked in her. The events that had transpired after, when they each had half stirred to waking in the early morning hours had seemed by all accounts simply natural. No beguiling, no competition for the dominant role, though with the full moon less than a day away at the time, she doubted there would have been much of a contest. They had just seemed to fit, somehow.

Her fingers curled a little tighter against his as he spoke, her head tilting up where it leaned lightly against his arm as they walked, and she cast him a smile that grew even more so as the flush took over his features. “Yes, Thomas,” she spoke, contentedly, glancing ahead of them and gesturing subtly with her fingertips. An accompanying wind stired lightly, but enough to create a languid circle of wind on the walk in front of them. “I am feelin much more, ah, restored, now.” She replied, a glance cast up towards the sky as a natural drift of wind caused her to almost shiver. “How long is it now, do you think?” She asked, after a moment, curiously.

Tom smiled as she spoke, which soon turned to a look of amazement when his eyes followed her small display of magic. She were incredible, in every way. He didn’t really know what it was ‘bout him that made her smile much as she did, but he hoped he kept doin’ whatever it were, ‘cos he couldn’t imagine bein’ here without her. Tom grinned, lookin’ back at Penny as she asked how much longer. 

"Not too long," he admitted, castin’ a quick glance at the settin’ sun. "I can feel sort’ve a stir inside — like I’m holdin’ me breath, a bit?" He gave a small shrug and swung their hands back and forth slightly before bringing her hand up to kiss her knuckles. "Plenty ‘o time to get locked up and you back home though, promise," he said. Nothing big ever happened until  the moon was really up there. It weren’t even showin’ yet; for now, it was the deep breath before the plunge, like when you was standin’ on a bluff or a cliff and were about to dive into some real icy water. Exhilaratin’, sure, but just a bit nerve wrackin’ too. Still, he were plenty used to it, weren’t scared, really. He’d learned to respect the transformation for what it was, no matter how painful it were.

"And," he said, openin’ the door to Derek’s buildin’, "Here we are. Me cage is just a floor up, in an empty room." He held the door open for her, taking note of the ease in which he had doing it — like the door was made of paper (which weren’t true really, his insides were just a bit out’ve wack, made his head slightly woozy and, err, off.) Right on schedule then.  “‘S a bit messy," he admitted. "The wolf don’t like bein’ caged is all. Ain’t as bad as it looks."