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There isn’t much in the history about the blood moon, other than it being a time of blood shed during battle. You are the only wolf I know that fully transforms during a full moon; was anything different? 

Blood shed? Sounds… nice. Err, nah, not that I’ve noticed so far. Just — dunno, bit more anxious, I s’pose. Adrenaline’s all out’ve shape, but I reckon that’s more to do with the fact that it ain’t been out ‘n about since we moved here. It gets restless, is me guess. How ‘bout you, you doin’ alright?

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being human u.k. rewatch → 4x01 

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I love you, Tom. I wish I really had been your father.

Your comrade,
Anthony Michael McNair

'Cept he were, weren't he? Tha's me dad, and now I ain't got nowt. Just me, and Alex, Annie… not really Hal, seein' as he's on the blood an' all, plus, stuck in the chair till he gets all sobered up — nice and detoxed. Proper this time, 'cos no one else is dyin', not on my watch. 

… But me dad, he wouldn’t be proud of me, not now. I let me guard down — befriended a vampire. Then he went nuts and killed… well, we ain’t sure yet how many he killed, but one’s too many, ain’t it? (And I still won’t stake him. Not yet, anyhow. ‘Cos of Alex, ‘course.)

Methinks if me dad were still hauntin’ me, it’d be worse now. He’d really want me ta stake Hal, ‘course. But I went and let him down again, what with Penny too, maybe. Maybe I was s’posed to wait longer? I acted irrationally, the moon was pretty close. Things are alright between us — better than alright — but I dunno if I… did anythin’ wrong, meself, moral-like. She weren’t feelin’ well before that, after all. I feel a bit odd. 

But I’ll never know now, what he would’ve told me. I’ve got to be a man now, and stop wonderin’ whether every thing I do’s wrong or not. This city’s turnin’ upside down — there’s evil here, can practically smell it. I figure… if I don’t get more assured of meself, there’s gonna be trickier decisions to be made. Can’t mank about, just gotta go with me instinct… see what happens next. 

I love me dad. He was a good man, a good father. And much as I wish he were here, he ain’t, I ain’t got no one to tell me what’s right and what’s not. 

— Just feels a lot like bein’ lost, is all.

April 15 2014, 11:12 PM

The transformation was as unbearable as it was every moon. What with his bones breakin’, skin tearin’ and insides essentially turning to gunk while it all went and re-arranged itself so the wolf could take over.

His last human thought was of Hal.

Did I leave the water near enough for him? Can he reach it on his own? He couldn’t remember.

Then the beast convulsed and Tom let out a silent scream (vocal chords and throat being pulverized), and he was gone, fully wolfish with glistening teeth, matted fur and frenzied claws yearning to rip apart flesh.

The wolf opened it’s maw and howled before thrashing into the bars of it’s cage.

Throughout the night, it continued scrabbling for freedom, sensing others nearby and prey to hunt… even just a run, a stretch of it’s lengths, anything… As its teeth clanged against the bars covered in it’s own blood, the wolf whined amidst its snarling and growls, claw reaching through helplessly as the iron pressed into its muscle. 

Deep ridges in the metal and cement surrounding it alike, the animal never gave up at any cost, refusing to be confined any longer.

Howls. Fearsome growls and snaps of its jaws. The occasional whimper and never-ending clang of metal… 

The night was full of sounds, never once quiet.

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Interesting isn’t the word I would have used. Do you have everything you need? 

Ready to go. S’long as everythin’ goes as normal. What, d’ya reckoned we should be worried, then? 

April 15 2014, 12:03 PM

Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you.

April 14 2014, 09:34 PM

Heard we’re gonna have a red moon tonight — should be interestin’, eh?